Make a $17 Donation to FuelUp Lunch Program for Kids & Get a 2-Week FREE Trial Membership!


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We like to give back to the community by helping feed kids through the FuelUp Lunch Program at Lord Kelvin Elementary.

Here’s the deal, make a donation minimum $17 and you will receive a FREE 2-Week Trial Membership. There is no commitment to join our school when the trial is complete. We like to get to know our prospects to decide if they are a good fit.

I understand I shall receive:
    • 2 Weeks of FREE Classes
    • Offer Applies to New Students Only (Former Gracie Barra members do not qualify)
    • A loaner uniform will be provided during your trial and returned to us after each class for cleaning.
    • Rule #1: Prospect must present or email a receipt of the donation to us before arriving to the first class
Why Gracie Barra New Westminster?
    • We work in partnership with parents to help raise their children to be next level leaders
    • Jiu-jitsu is one of the most challenging martial art to build confidence
    • No belt testing fees (We give our students their belts during promotion at no additional cost)
    • More individual attention to each child. GB New West has more kids coaches on the mat than any other martial arts school in New Westminster.

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STEP 2: Save the following donation link. When making the donation please Select Fund Destination > FuelUp! School Nourishment Program. (Tax Receipt will be issued by the school)


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