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Gracie Barra New Westminster

BJJ for the Bold at Every Age

At Gracie Barra New Westminster, we champion a unique Brazilian jiu-jitsu philosophy:

“Fortifying the spirit of those who may not feel strong, giving them the tools to confidently tackle life’s hurdles.”

Our community is a tapestry of life, woven from families, esteemed professionals like doctors, university professors, and dedicated law enforcement officers. “Empowering the courageous, not just the strong” – that’s the spirit that fuels our New Westminster BJJ dojo.

A Gathering Place for Growth & Connection

We’re more than a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school; we’re a hub where wisdom meets vigor. Proudly home to the Lower Mainland’s largest group of martial artists over age 40 and the most police officers on the mats, our martial arts school stands as a testament to the ageless spirit of BJJ.

Inclusive Empowerment on the Mat

Our doors are open to all, offering a safe space where working professionals and families alike can shed their daily roles and don the Brazilian jiu-jitsu uniform of equality and empowerment.

Celebrating Strength in Numbers & Spirit

Join the ranks of those who find strength not just in their professions but in their passion for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. At Gracie Barra New Westminster, discover your untapped potential, supported by a community that’s as diverse as it is dedicated.

Video: Gracie Barra New Westminster Instructors Rescue Woman from Attempted Carjacking

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Our Programs

Little Champions (Ages 4-7)

  • Life Skills: Discipline and focus for success in all areas.
  • Confidence: BJJ builds children’s self-esteem for life’s challenges.
  • Bullyproof: Non-violent defense skills for child safety.
  • Fitness Fun: Active classes improve health and coordination.
  • Community: Lasting friendships and teamwork in a supportive setting.

Juniors (Ages 8-12)

  • Skill Building: Enhances critical thinking and problem-solving through Brazilian jiu-jitsu strategy.
  • Resilience: Fosters inner strength to confidently navigate adolescence.
  • Self-Defense: Teaches effective, age-appropriate self-defense techniques.
  • Active Lifestyle: Encourages fitness and coordination, crucial for growing bodies.
  • Social Skills: Promotes camaraderie and respect, shaping well-rounded individuals.

Adults & Teens (Ages 13+)

  • Progressive Learning: Tailored BJJ instruction that grows with your skill level.
  • Mental Fortitude: Build resilience to face life’s challenges with confidence.
  • Practical Self-Defense: Acquire essential techniques for personal safety and empowerment.
  • Optimal Fitness: Engage in comprehensive workouts for health and vitality at any age.
  • Inclusive Community: Connect with a supportive group dedicated to shared progress and respect.

Women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Empowering Environment: A safe, supportive space dedicated to women’s self-defense and empowerment through BJJ.
  • Community of Peers: Connect with like-minded women in a strong, encouraging community.
  • Self-Defense Skills: Learn practical techniques to enhance personal safety and confidence.
  • Fitness & Strength: Build physical strength and improve overall fitness in a female-focused setting.
  • Confidence Boost: Gain confidence on and off the mats in a program tailored for women’s needs.

Private Lessons

  • Tailored Coaching: Customized sessions match your personal skill level and goals.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Train at your convenience, fitting BJJ seamlessly into your busy life.
  • Private Setting: Enjoy the comfort and focus of one-on-one instruction.
  • Fast Track Improvement: Experience quicker advancement in your BJJ journey.
  • Focused Curriculum: Engage with a program designed specifically for you.

Corporate Seminars

  • Wellness Boost: Add self-defense to your wellness program for better health and mental resilience.
  • Build Teams: Unite colleagues with engaging self-defense training.
  • Safety Training: Teach staff practical self-defense for security.
  • Alertness Skills: Enhance situational awareness for employee safety.
  • Event Expertise: Provide expert safety sessions for events and conferences.

Luxury In-Home Events

  • Exclusive In-Home BJJ: Private, personalized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training in your home.
  • Customized Convenience: Lessons crafted for your schedule and goals in complete privacy.
  • Elite Instruction: Premier BJJ coaching delivered to your doorstep.
  • Discrete & Exclusive: Learn in the seclusion and comfort of your own space.
  • Personalized Progress: Advance in BJJ with sessions designed for your lifestyle.

Google Reviews

If you want to learn jiu jitsu in New West, this is the place to be! Professors are unbelievable! Classes are fun and exciting, making you want to train even more! Couldn’t recommend enough!
Claire Only
Claire Only
We joined GB BJJ New West approximately a year ago and as parents, my husband and I are compelled to leave a review for Professor Raz and his team because seeing our child thrive in this supportive yet friendly and competitive environment is truly rewarding. Our 7-year-old daughter enjoys coming to her twice-weekly BJJ classes. The boost in self-confidence, discipline, and the array of techniques she has acquired is truly remarkable. It's evident that this gym's impact extends far beyond New Westminster, as we know families who travel from Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam and enrol their kids here. Just another testament to the incredible work and commitment of Professor Raz and his Coaches. A huge shout-out to Coach Meghan, Coach Jordan, and Coach Josh – as our 7-year-old would put it, they are the MOST AWESOME coaches ever! Highly recommend GB Ju-Jitsu New West to any parents reading this review who are considering enrolling their children in a Brazilian martial art class. , You won't be disappointed.
The people here are exceptionally skilled and friendly. I have the coordination skills of a block of wood and often take a few classes to learn the same moves. Despite my lack of natural ability, everyone I've interacted with has always been patient, kind and encouraging. It's awesome to have a space like this to learn a skill and speaks volumes of the learning culture they've actively fostered.
This is the best place to learn jiujitsu. Everyone is so kind and friendly. I’m having so much fun here. I’m gonna go today as well
Denis Antoniazzi
Denis Antoniazzi
Learning BJJ in my late 30s, 1st time ever on Martial Arts, simply amazing! GB is awesome, such a friendly and respectful environment, where your learn something new every session. Come to try your 1st class and you will fall in love with it too! Tks
Eliza Doolittle
Eliza Doolittle
Such a fantastic team of people at Gracie Barra in New West! Professor Raz and his coaches are all incredibly caring & kind people. You see that reflected in all the students with how they interact and help each other out My granddaughter has loved being a part of the Little Champions class. It's given her so much confidence, and a whole new group of great friends. I love watching her participate in class and now her younger sister is joining as well. I highly recommend this location if you're considering BJJ, its a great environment and super supportive community.
Samuel Lock
Samuel Lock
I'm extremely grateful to be a member of Gracie Barra New Westminster club. My experience here is nothing short of incredible. The instructors are exceptional, dedicated and passionate, and they do an outstanding job of passing on their knowledge and passion for JJB. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I've met some great training partners, and we progress together through stimulating training sessions. The values of respect, humility and perseverance are at the heart of this place, and this is felt in every session.
Always good vibe. Good people. Good instructors. Love this bjj place 👍
Josselyn Rodriguez
Josselyn Rodriguez
GB New West has a great community! Everyone is very welcoming, friendly and supportive. They provide a super safe environment for training. Professor Raz Is very protective and caring of his staff and students. Worth noting: The facility is always clean!
Kevin Lam
Kevin Lam
As a complete beginner to BJJ, I felt very welcomed by the team at GB New West! The instructors are highly knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. Classmates are super helpful and supportive too. This place also makes cleanliness and safety a priority. Overall I would highly recommend GB New West, especially if you’re a newbie looking to get into BJJ!

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